Terms & Conditions

Payment Policy
We accept Payments through PayPal, Checks & Money Orders
During check-out you will need to select your method of payment. Credit cards are processed through PayPal and you will be re-directed to the secure PayPal site for completion. Checks should be mailed to the mailing address on your order and must reach us within five business days or your order may be canceled. Please contact us if you have not received shipping confirmation from us with seven days of mailing a payment.

Coupon Policy
Coupons cannot be combined; one coupon per order.

Shipping Policy
First Class Mail, Priority Mail, UPS Ground, and Express Mail
During check-out you will select your method of shipping. Our standard shipping methods are USPS Priority Mail and First Class Mail. Regardless of order size, Priority Mail is $7.00 and First Class Mail is $4.00. Insurance is additional and is an option at check-out. You may also select UPS Ground and Express Mail next day for additional cost; International customers can select from Priority Mail International and First Class Mail International. All shipments except First Class Mail International include tracking information.

Shipping Address
PayPal Shipping Address
Your CrateArt Order Shipping Address must be the same as your PayPal Confirmed Shipping Address or your order will be declined. If your order is being shipped to a Florida address, you must pay Florida Sales Tax.

Return Policy
Please review our grading scale and product detail pages prior to purchase
All sales are final unless we made the mistake. If you received the wrong item please let us know within 24 hours of receipt so we may correct it for you. If an item becomes damaged in transit, it is the responsibility of the buyer to file the insurance claim. We will forward all insurance paperwork if that should become necessary. Please purchase insurance at checkout. If you choose not to purchase insurance, then your items are NOT insured against damage while in transit. In the event we do accept a returned item, there will be a $15.00 restocking fee for a returned item of $100.00 or less; 15% for returned items greater than $100.00. We do not refund shipping charges.

No Refunds for Unwrapping Mistakes
We store our items in archival plastic bags and glassine envelopes. When you purchase our items, they may arrive wrapped in these materials. Not all archival bags have the adhesive strip on the back of the bag; some may have the adhesive strip on the flap. If an item is removed improperly from this type of bag, it can be disastrous. If you receive an item where the adhesive strip is on the flap, simply cut the end of the bag open and slide the item out.

Cancelled Orders Policy
If you cancel your order BEFORE "Complete" has been posted on your order details page, there is no re-stock fee. If you cancel your order AFTER "Complete" has been posted on your order details page, you will be charged a re-stock fee of $15.00 for orders $100.00 or less, or 15% of total order for orders $100.01 or more. No exceptions. Cancellations are not available after a shipping label confirmation has been posted; this means your order has been shipped.

Minimum Order Amount
In order to perform checkout, your order subtotal must equal or exceed $15.00.

Reserved Rights
We reserve the following rights regarding sales from this web site: the right to request a pre-approval prior to any sale; the right to suspend business with a customer that forwards back a questionable return; the right to cancel orders and suspend business with anyone at anytime, and the right to make updates and changes to our Terms & Conditions, Product Key, Product Titles, Product Descriptions, Product SKUs, and Grading Scale at anytime.

Grading is Subjective when Items are approaching 75 to 100 years-old
The condition of an item's paper, its age, rarity and printing type (i.e., stone lithography, chromo lithography, seed packet envelope, etc.) are what we consider when grading. Items are graded twice prior to inventory inclusion. Normal printing flaws are not considered, but may be noted.

Grade Name
SKU Suffix
% of Original
Letter Grade

Item may display up to 5% of faults characterized by but not limited to normal signs of paper aging and handling dents. More tolerance is given for rare labels.


Item may display up to 10% of faults characterized by but not limited to the grading descriptions of mint and near mint.


Item may display up to 20% of faults characterized by but not limited to all grading descriptions from above this grade and printer flaws, moisture wear, edge wear, border tears, paper scuffs.

Item may display up to 30% of faults characterized by but not limited to the grading descriptions of near mint and good.

Item may display up to 40% of faults characterized by but not limited to all grading descriptions from above this grade and folds, rippling, staining missing paper.


Item may display up to 50% of faults characterized by but not limited to the grading descriptions of good and as is.

< 50%

Item may display 51% or more of faults characterized by but not limited to all grading descriptions from above this grade. Possibly a rare item that would interest a collector or for use in a decoupage project.

Product Key
Below are the abbreviations used in the Titles of our products with an example
Since there are so many different types of labels for various products that have the same Title, we have developed the following catalog designation system. When a search is performed on this site for a particular name, title, city, state, etc., the results will be sorted out according to the type and/or version of the Title. For an example, when the Title name "Independent" is searched, the results may show: (A) apples first, followed by (AL) apple lug, (CH) cherries, and then (P) pears.

LAMB (A) #1 = title (variety) #version
SKU: A689-M = stock keeping unit: (product id) -grade
(A) Apple, (AA) Apple Australia, (AC) Apple Canada, (AD) Advertisement, (AL) Apple Lug,
(AP) Asparagus, (AV) Avocado, (AZ) Arizona, (BB) Bargain Basement, (BE) Berry,
(BK) Book, (BR) Broom, (C) Cranberry, (CA) Crate Art, (CG) Cigar, (CH) Cherry,
(CL) Cloth, (CN) Can, (CP) Calendar Print, (CR) Calendar, (F) Florida, (FS) Florida Strip,
(G) Grape, (GF) Grapefruit, (GL) Grapefruit Lug, (L) Lemon, (LL) Lemon Lug,
(M) Melon, (MF) Misc. Fruit, (NY) NY Grape, (O) Orange, (OA)Orange Australia,
(OL) Orange Lug, (OS) Orange Spain, (P) Pear, (PA) Pear Australia, (PC) Pear Canada,
(PD) Product, (PE) Peach, (PFC) Printers File Copy, (PL) Pear Lug, (SF) Seed Flower,
(SH) Seed Herb, (SM) Seed Melon, (SV) Seed Vegetable, (T) Tomato, (TI) Tissue,
(TO) Tobacco, (TS) Texas Strip, (TX) Texas, (V) Vegetable, (Y) Yam
Versions appear in color, weight, lithography, packing house & more. See details.
Visit the Crate Label Museum to view all product versions that correspond with our inventory.