fruit crate labels antique seed packets

Crate Labels and Seed Packets dating from the 1880's-1950's

Beginning in the 1880s, the Transcontinental Railroad made coast-to-coast shipments of fruits and vegetables possible. As a result, the commercial art and printing industries developed a form of advertising art known today as fruit crate labels or simply crate labels. These vibrant and highly collectible pieces of advertising art were created from a wide range of iconographic images in order to entice the public to buy the produce. This form of advertising art was then pasted onto the ends of crates and became known as fruit crate art. If you enjoy collecting antique art or prized lithography prints, you will absolutely love these original fruit crate labels! Browse through our inventory of over 3,000 original fruit crate labels, seed packets and antique can labels to see the beauty created from lithographic printing techniques of days gone by. Stop by the Crate Label Museum to view the widest range of crate label designs on the Internet. Register as a member and receive announcements of inventory updates. Check our News column to the right for discount coupons!